Removed from Facebook Group.. How can I get my pics/videos deleted from there?
2013-03-21 21:14:45 UTC
I was removed from a group on facebook. I have sent the admin PMs asking her to remove my photos/videos that are still there since I am not able to now... but she's not doing it. How can I get them deleted?
Three answers:
2013-03-21 22:07:17 UTC
As i know, when i deactivated my account, my all post, photos gonna invisible. after coming again those photos shown visible. is there not any option that photos are yours then it'll be in your photos folder then may be those photos will be delete from there automatically? I am not sure, just giving a thinking based reply!

2013-03-21 21:16:21 UTC
Contact facebook directly and tell them what's going on. Also, you need to give them any evidence you have (emails between you and the group or admin, etc).
2017-01-03 13:41:13 UTC
your question became very sparkling, they could desire to delete the message and it's going to supply them the alternative of deleting the thread and from there if it doesnt artwork, resend the message or a diverse one to the ladies that dont strategies and then they are in a place to extremely respond to the hot thread, i despatched a message to allmost my entire facebook touch checklist as quickly as and it only stated hi and from there it became chaos all and sundry replyed to the message and from there all and sundry else have been given the message and there became some confusion, lol

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